DHS, Westside: CT History Day competition

DHS, Westside take numerous awards in Connecticut History Day competition
Posted on 03/18/2019

Danbury High School students took home a prize in every category at the Connecticut History Day regional competition in Torrington over the weekend with five total awards. Westside Middle School students also won five awards.

The state competition will be May 4 at Central Connecticut State University; students who place first or second at the state level will be eligible to move on to the National Contest in College Park, Maryland, in June.

DHS won the following categories:

  • 1st Place Senior Group Performance: "Hysteria of the Salem Witch Trials" Montez Osbey, Andrew Philbin, Gabriel Dos Santos, Malcolm Going, Jarod Rodriguez
  • 3rd Place Senior Individual Exhibit: "Triumph and Tragedy of Pablo Escobar": Arta Berisha
  • 2nd Place Senior Group Exhibit: "Mutiny and Murder: Anastasia and the Bolsheviks" Ana Dela Cruz , Valerie Fox. Faith Thomas, Laura Snow, Elizabeth Antedomenico
  • 1st Place Senior Group Exhibit:  "The History of Fingerprinting" Gabriela Galarza and Chrystel Acosta 
  • 3rd Place Senior Group Website: "The Triumph and Tragedy of Sybil Ludington" Allyson Vecchia-Spooner  (Not present: Sarah Barta and Cailtin Van Tronk) 

Westside Middle School won the following categories:

Junior Group Exhibit

  • 2nd Place Junior Group Exhibit: “The Man Behind Mickey” Ioannis Rountos and Dylan Hennessy
  • 3rd Place Junior Group Exhibit: “Animals Save Lives” Joey Arizzi and Jordan Bido
  • 2nd Place Junior Individual Exhibit: “Slavery in America” Daniel Naulaguari
  • 3rd Place Junior Individual Exhibit: “The Black Panther Party” Tylyn Johnson
  • 3rd Place Junior Group Performance: “Our New Lives” Manuel Abrantes, William Sweeney and Luke Goncalves