Broadview math teacher is ‘Teacher of the Year’

Broadview math teacher is ‘Teacher of the Year’
Posted on 08/22/2018

Every Thursday afternoon for the past 12 years, Broadview Middle School math teacher Ellen Meyers co-coaches students who participate nationally and regionally in math competitions. This year, those students placed second regionally in MathCounts, a national competition, and first place in the Fairfield County Math League.

Her 25-year dedication to Danbury students, which means helping them succeed no matter their ability or level, has earned her the title of Danbury Teacher of the Year 2018-19.

“Over the years, Ellen has led our students in a great direction not only in her classroom, but also in her afterschool program,” said Superintendent Dr. Sal Pascarella. “Ellen has a quiet resilience that makes her approachable for students and encourages them to work their hardest. She is a powerful example of how dedication, compassion and understanding can make such a difference for our students.”

Meyers started with the district 25 years ago as a first-grade teacher at Hayestown Avenue School. A year later, she moved to Broadview, where she has taught sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade. For the past three years, she has taught seventh-grade math. She coaches the 30 afterschool ‘Mathletes’ with colleagues Bill Tripp and Ken Seder.

Meyers, who earned her teaching credentials from Western Connecticut State University, said she loves the energy of seventh-graders and said it helps to be even-tempered and let them know that the students and what they are doing are important.

“They are trying to grow up and find out who they are and that’s what I like about it,” said Meyers, who is the mother of six grown children. “You have to figure out how to grab them and hold their interest. And you have to make a connection with them. If you believe in kids, you can make a connection.”

Meyers also said she enjoys the diversity of the Danbury schools with its blend of cultures.

“We’re one of the most diverse districts in the country,” she said. “It’s important for kids to learn to interact with different cultures because it represents the real world.”

As for being selected as “Teacher of the Year,” Meyers said the news came as a shock.

“It’s very humbling and I’m very honored, but I feel like I’m just representing all teachers because Danbury has a lot of great teachers.”