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April News

  April 1: Concert

                 1st and 2nd Grade

   April 1: 5th Grade Fundraiser

                 Donut Delivered

   April 3: Report Cards Home

                 Return and sign envelope

April 7: Spring Photos

                 Wear a smile!

   April 8: PTO Meeting

                 6:30 in the Media Center

  April 11: Early Dismissal

                 Professional Development Day

  April 14 - 18: Spring Break

                 Enjoy the week

  April 22: Early Dismissal

                 Profession Development Day

  April 24: Kindergarten Orientation

                 6:30  - 7:30pm

  April 28: Spring Bookfair

                 Buy One - Get One

May News

  May 6: CT Ballet

                 PTO Sponsored Event - 2:15pm

  May 12: Interim Home

                 Please sign and return events

May 12 - 16: Walk-a-Thon

                 PTO Sponsored Fundraiser

May 20: Early Dismissal

                 Profession Development Day

May 23 - 26: No School

                 Memorial Day Weekend

May 28: 5th Grade Field Trip

                 to New York City

June News

  June 3: Art Expo & Ice Cream Social

                 Ice Cream $1.00 from 6:30 - 8

  June 4: 4th & 5th Grade Track Meet

                 June 5th - rain date

  June 4: Hero Day

                 For grades K - 2

June 10: 3rd Grade & Band Concert

                 Evening events 7pm

June 20: Last Day of School

                 Early Dismissal

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Danbury Public Schools

revised 4/22/14

Student Absences: When your child is absent from school for illness or for other reasons, you must call the school each day at 203-797-4834.

PHONE: 203-797-4764
ATTENDANCE: 203-797-4834

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